HELP POOR Children

India is home to thousands of poor people. Those who have limited means to live and they struggle to get the means of their need in life: – Food, water, shelter. Our country’s freedom today has completed 75 years. India has made great progress in the economic field. Hey, despite this advancement in India; according to the collapse of the World Bank, more than 25% of people still live below the poverty line. In such a situation, several schemes started by the Government of India have a start; which may be aimed at the welfare of the needy In this initiative, intervention by charity and NGOs is very important. NGO is an organization to help the poor, which is involved in benefit the need to fight poverty. Here, people should lace with all those tools (quality education, health, safety, and professional skills, etc.

RASHTRIYA ASHOK MANCH helps in every way and supports the poor children and needy people who are the future of our country in every way and service them to move forward and motivate those children for quality education and Tells them the importance of that education. We provide health facilities to needed people and relief them to get protection from any misbehavior and recurrence during the time of any disaster or any emergency so that they do not face any problem. We aim to provide good education to beggarly children. You can support this NGO with the help poor public only if you donate to us, then we can helping hand a beggarly person with the money of those donations, if you want to remove a poor person from this marsh, then in this field With the help of working RASHTRIYA ASHOK MANCH NGO, you can do this work.

There are many ways or means to support the needy, but there is nothing better than contributing to an organization; that helps the poor public fight poverty if you organize organizations that work to reinforce the poor. If you work for the rights of children, then you are doing a very good job in your country. With this cooperation, not only at the grassroots level; there can be a big change that can end poverty in this country. Hey, to help you in doing this good work. You help the RASHTRIYA ASHOK MANCH NGO wholeheartedly and give your support in the change of the country.